Golden Marble

Kevin Burton (b.1974)

Size (inches): 21.8 (h) x 59 (w) inches
Size (cm): 55.4 (h) x 149.9 (w) cm

 Born in Melbourne 1974.  He studied at the Melbourne high school, where his artistic vocation woke up thanks to a teacher who transmitted his passion (by the age of 15). When he was 17 he used to visit his teacher’s studio where he was taught and he got immersed on the abstract world.

Going to the University of Melbourne allowed him to explore his talents and develop his artistic skills with practicing in projects that have leaded him a successful career as an artist.

While he was at the University he met his wife who went to Australia in an Erasmus scholarship. Consequently, after their graduation they moved to Alicante where she is from.

His artworks are exhibited as in public as in private collections around Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Arab Countries, Russia, Japan and now England among others.


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