Dancer Tying her Shoe

Ghislaine Howard (b.1953)

Acrylic on Canvas
Size (inches): 16 (h) x 14 (w) inches
Size (cm): 40.6 (h) x 35.6 (w) cm

christened as Ghislaine she was called by her middle name Marianne until her mid twenties. Ghislaine remembers her childhood as a happy period, though often unsettled and fraught with anxiety. However, redeemed by a strong sense of family identity and home.
Her father was an amateur painter to which some of his work still hangs in her home. However, her father may not have been the greatest role model for a budding artist, as Ghislaine remembers that her father use to say ‘by the time you got out all your paints and set your palette, all you really wanted was a cup of tea and forty winks’.
As she grew older she won many prizes for her art. Her passion for art found expression in the drawing classes run by the Salford bases artist Harold Riley at the much missed Buile Hill Park Museum. Harold was a great teacher, his enthusiasm was infectious and Ghislaine’s confidence in drawing developed apace. She enjoyed the freedom of drawing with charcoal and pastel and she began to discover the expressive possibilities of colour and texture. Her mother and father encouraged her emerging talent and never questioned her desire to be an artist.
She enrolled at Newcastle University and spent the next 4 years developing her skills.
Ghislaine is known as painter of powerful and expressive means, whose work charts and interprets our shred experience. She was named as Woman Of The Year in 2008 for her contribution to art and society. A painter of powerful and expressive means. She first came to public attention with her ground breaking exhibition concerning pregnancy and birth, the first of its kind, at Manchester City Art Gallery, ‘A Shared Experience’ the exhibition attracted much critical acclaim.