Campagne Ile de France

Size (inches): 2.4 (h) x 2.9 (w) inches
Size (cm): 6.1 (h) x 7.4 (w) cm

French Impressionist Landscape painting from the mid-20th Century 'Campagne Ile de France' by Marcel Dyf.

Dyf creates a feeling of both serenity and energy, as his vigorous brushstrokes convey the crops in the field, in contrast to the soothing blue sky.

To watch Dyf paint was entrancing; even as an old man, he would stand rather than sit before the easel, working with extraordinary vigour and intense concentration. His palette was a rainbow of fresh colours and his hand continually darted back and forth from the canvas. At intervals he would step back or consider briefly another picture before returning to the easel, his eye refreshed.