Traghetto, San Stae, Venice

Sir William Russel Flint (1880 - 1969)

Size (inches): 19.3 (h) x 24 (w) inches
Size (cm): 48.9 (h) x 61 (w) cm

Sir William Russell Flint was a Scottish artist who was known for his watercolour paintings and provocative sketches of often semi-nude models. Having been a student at the Royal Institution School of Art in Edinburgh, he decided to move to London to become a medical illustrator, and later as a freelance artist he illustrated a number of classical limited editions. Flint was elected Associate of the Royal Academy in 1924, full member in 1933 and in 1936 became President of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour. After living in Devon during the Second World War, he and his wife moved back to London where the post war period became Russell Flint's greatest. His talent with watercolour and his skill in depicting the female form created a hallmark style which would later become legendary. In 1947 William Russell Flint was knighted.