Feeding on the Shore

Andy Mortley (Contemporary)

Oil on Panel
Size (inches): 10 (h) x 20 (w) inches
Size (cm): 25.4 (h) x 50.8 (w) cm

Andy Mortley is a wonderful artist and sculptor. He was a regular exhibitor at the Mall Galleries participating in their annual wildlife exhibitions and then decided to focus on Sculpture for a few years. His skills as a blacksmith and welder, sculptor and painter fuse now in his mature works which display a harmonious balance of each discipline to create a unique original and timeless work of art. His works are a visual paradise for the viewer to escape into. His powerful and often intricate panels speak to you in a profound way. Very few pieces are produced but this art challenges, provokes and soothes our minds intriguing us with forms and shape. If you are fortunately enough to acquire one of Andy’s work, a lifetime of enjoyment are guaranteed.