Norfolk Beach Scene

Campbell A Melon (1878-1955)

Oil on Panel
Size (inches): 10.5 (h) x 13.5 (w) inches
Size (cm): 26.7 (h) x 34.3 (w) cm

Campbell Archibald Mellon was born in Berkshire on 16 June 1878. He married and settled in Nottingham in 1903 and remained there until he died in Gorleston on 28 August 1955. He only started painting following his move to Nottingham. Mellon studied under Carl Brenner, nephew of Benjamin Williams Leader amongst other artists. After his arrival in Norfolk he studied under Sir John Alfred Arnesby Brown. Mellon’s work is described as vigorous and most convincing in its power. His broad handling of paint in a technique which combines flat brushstrokes with the use of a palette knife is striking and is typical of his style. The drama of the heavy clouds is heightened by the foreground sunlight and the movement of the figures.