An exquisite marble carving of a Nymph at a well

C Pittaluga (1850)

Hand carved in the highly prized Italian Carrara white marble quarried in Tuscany. On sarcophagus shaped base.
Signed and marked Galleria P. Bazzanti, Florence, Italy.
Size (inches): 37 (h) inches
Size (cm): 94 (h) cm

The Nymph is depicted in a relaxed position perched on the edge of a rock by a well. Her left arm is slightly bent with the hand resting on her right leg; her left leg folded underneath the right. Her right arm hangs loosely down by her right side with the right hand holding a clam shell which she is using as a vessel to quench her thirst. Her head slightly turned and tilted downwards with her eyes fixed on the clam shell. As an almost bashful spectator we are immediately captivated by the most beautifully dreamy and graceful face which evokes feelings of magic and mythical enchantment. Her hair is held in a loose bun which rests lightly on the nape of her neck with runaway tendrils framing her face. As we gaze upon her pure white profile we are drawn in to follow her gaze down to the well before moving on to study the purity of her perfect nude body and then up to reach her face again. This means the sculpture is a wonderful visual experience as the eye is led enticingly around the body in a very natural circular motion making it difficult to ever look away! From studying the figure we can see that the sculptor Pittaluga was strongly influenced by the perfect classical ideals of Greek mythology and his choice of stone was favoured because of its softness and incredible natural properties. The pure white colouring and type of marble allows some light to break through the exterior penetrating several millimetres into the stone before being spread outwards, this results in the waxy characteristic which makes the female figure come alive. This carving is an incredible example of Pittaluga’s work and his ability to create such a lifelike figure that leaves such an lasting impression is astonishing. This carving would look stunning in any environment and forever lure the viewer to touch her. Provenance: Galleria P. Bazzanti, Florence, Italy. Dimensions: Height of carving: 37” with sarcophagus base 68” Width: 22.5” Depth: 29” Length of face: 7” Hands: 7.5” Feet: 8.5” Height of base: 31” Width of base: 26” Depth of base: 32” Weight Aaprox 700kg


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