Throwing Shapes

Max Todd

Size (inches): 39 (h) x 39 (w) inches
Size (cm): 99.1 (h) x 99.1 (w) cm

Contemporary Figurative 3-D Painting ‘Throwing Shapes’ by Max Todd. Painted with Acrylic on Canvas. 

‘Throwing Shapes’ is a fun and vibrant piece that just pops off the wall. It is extraordinarily unconventional and sure to inspire conversation. 'Throwing Shapes' is part of a series of works inspired by the power and fun of people joining together, whether through love, dancing, sport, protesting or work. The full series can be viewed at our gallery. Max Todd uses contemporary techniques to produce his works & the 3D dimension makes Max Todd’s pieces so extraordinarily different. The layering of paint is striking and adds yet another dimension to Todd’s work. His works are innovative and unique, combining a variety of materials and techniques with fresh ideas to create exciting works. 

This piece is currently unframed and looks fantastic as it is, however, we can organise for a floating frame for painting. Please ask the team for further details.