The way of the world

Vittorio Reggianini (1858 - 1938)

Oil on Panel
Size (inches): 29 (h) x 21.1 (w) inches
Size (cm): 73.7 (h) x 53.6 (w) cm

Vittorio Reggianini was born at Modene in 1858 and studied at l'Academie de Modene and later became a professor. His subjects were take from the European middle classes. He almost created a special type of soubrette. Reggianini along with Soulacroix, and Recci dwelt lovingly on the richness of texture in the ladies' dresses and in the upholstery and draperies. The eloquence of Reggianini's pictures results from his dexterity in the rendering of these beautiful interior scenes.


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