Dark Day at Wigan

Theodore Major (1908-1999)

Size (inches): 25 (h) x 30 (w) inches
Size (cm): 63.5 (h) x 76.2 (w) cm

Born in 1908 in Wigan, Lancashire to a family of mill workers, Theodore Major is as well known for his individual views as for his artwork. He was proud of his working class roots and refused to paint for gain, declining to sell pictures ‘to rich people’, but instead using his art to try and connect with ordinary people outside the art world. Theodore Major’s work mostly depicts the area around Wigan, including grim rain swept factory landscapes and lonely beaches, painted in a largely monochrome, Expressionist style. During his lifetime he was averse to selling his work and seeing it in private collections, choosing instead to store it in an empty house next door which he bought for the purpose. His eccentricities have fuelled an appetite for his work, and there’s a strong market for his landscapes and scenes of urban life.


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