Steep Cliffs South Stack I

Ian Norris (b.1960 )

Oil on Panel
Size (inches): 10.5 (h) x 11.5 (w) inches
Size (cm): 26.7 (h) x 29.2 (w) cm

A True Northern talent, Ian's ability is to convey, through paint, how it was to stand by the land or sea: be battered, at times by the elements. Ian paints in the open, its the only way he knows. He doesn't work from photographs back in the studio, he stands with canvas and easel on the fell side, beach or cliff tops and paints. Its a combination of that uncompromising approach and his natural ability that produce astonishing work, often almost sculptural in his use of paint.

Widely exhibited, from his native North West to major galleries in Wales and South of England, Ians works are held in several public collections, including Greater Manchester NHS Trust and Blackburn University Centre.  

Ian relies on his own intuitive responses to the world around him, whether that response be to a landscape, a coastline, a cityscape or indeed recently, the interior of his studio. Whatever the subject although stimulus would perhaps be more appropriate, the physical manifestation of the visual experience through the act of painting, for Ian, the means of transmitting and sharing the same feeling and experience with the viewer.