Angel Nunez

Oil on Panel
Size (inches): 24 (h) x 10 (w) inches
Size (cm): 61 (h) x 25.4 (w) cm

Miguel A. Nuñez, was born in Maldondo the
Republic of Uruguay in 1966. From early
childhood Nuñez was facinated by drawing, which he practised maticulously. As a result of this Nuñez went to continue his studies at the studio of Manola Lima where he discovered a real passion for still life drawing. He took it upon himself to learn as much as he could from lima, absorbing every single brushstroke. He then moved on to the Municpal School of Visual arts, where he enjoyed lessons from
Carlos Tonelli and Miguel Battegazore. It is Miguel Battegazore who introduced
Nuñez to the technique of Hyperrealism. Hypperealism being a genre of painting
resembling a high - resolution photograph, it is considered an envancement of
Photorealism. Hypperealism soon become Nuñez’s favourite artistic style.

Such is the detail in Nuñez’s work that you can almost smell the lucious fruit placed on
the pewter plate. The beautiful glass of wine looks far to tempting to drink and you can
almost feel the softness of the table cloth draped over the table. Nuñez’s artistic talent has not gone unnoticed and he is placed in many public and private collections around the world. His talent is respected by both collectors and fellow peers with most agreeeing
that his talent is on par with the great 19th century dutch masters from who he takes his inspiration from.