Polar Bear

Lucy Kinsella (Contemporary)

Original Bronze
Size (inches): 17 (h) inches
Size (cm): 43.2 (h) cm

Lucy Kinsella is a figurative sculptor whose work focuses mainly on animals. She works methodically, starting her research with small drawings and maquettes which are then scaled up. Lucy has produced works of a life size including Hares, Horses and a Baboon. Her works have a wonderful movement and for example “Cheetah chasing Impala” capture the speed and intensity of the chase. “Gone to Ground” captures the Terriers in their playfulness and mischief, digging for rabbits of perhaps even that elusive fox. Lucy has exhibited throughout the U.K. and has collections in many parts of the world. After gaining a BETEC Diploma at Luton College of Art, Lucy attended Loughborough University and gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture.