Place de la bataille

Jean Franck Baudoin (1870-1961)

Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 25.6 (h) x 18.1 (w) inches
Size (cm): 65 (h) x 46 (w) cm

Jean-Franck Baudoin a wood engraver and painter of the society of French Artists died on the 20th January 1961 at Libourne ‘Gironde’ at the age of 91. He was born at Saint Martin De Re on the 26th August 1870 in a protestant family. He was the son of a sculptor and therefore woke up very early to an artistic life. His family supported his talent and sent him to Paris to live with his Uncle. He was the student of ‘Trupheme’, a Director at the Superior Class of Drawing in Paris whom he also studied with Rousseau, Bouguereau, Robert-Fleury, Baschet and Royer. His family bought him a hotel at Montparnasse in order to help support him. Having won awards for his work of wood engraving exhibited at the exhibition between 1888-1896 Jean-Franck Baudoin turned to painting. It was in the Ile de Re (his place of birth) where his family were refuged during the war of 1870, that the artist mostly used his easel.