Afternoon Sail

Oil on Canvas
Size (inches) : 20 (h) x 20 (w)
Size (cm) : 50.8 (h) x 50.8 (w)
Afternoon Sail
Afternoon Sail
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Costantino studied at the Academy of Modern Art in his home town. At the beginning of his career he was very much influenced by Renaissance painters, therefore most of his paintings were in a classical style. In 1966 his style went through a transformation leading him to paint in a modernist way. Thanks to these paintings, he has achieved a great reputation and his works have been sold in many countries all over the world, including America, the United Kingdom and Australia to name a few.

Costantino's paintings reflect perfectly his idealistic feelings, along with his ingenious and imaginative mind. He no longer seeks the realistic description of the subject, as he did in his early years. He has participated in a great number of national and international exhibitions and his work is widely held in several private collections.