Artists Videos

  • Richard Smith
    View the process of bringing Richard Smiths British Bronze Sculptures to life!
  • Tobias Martin
    See the incredible creation of 'Nico'
  • Geoffrey Key
    British artist Geoffrey Key visits the gallery
  • Ghislaine Howard
    Discussing her powerful and moving work

Gallery Videos

  • Welcome to Callaghan Fine Paintings
  • Gallery Summer Walk Through
    A quick Gallery walk through to tease and tempt!


  • Ignacio Trelis
    Online Exhibition Tour
  • Ghislaine Howard
    Online Exhibition Tour
  • Ghislaine Howard Exhibition
    'Stations of the Cross' Grand opening at Callaghan Fine Paintings
  • Shukers, Land Rover partner with Callaghan Fine Paintings
    Partnering with Shukers, Land Rover for the launch of the new Defender
  • Callaghan Summer Exhibition
    An amazing film on our Summer Exhibition