How, following a mid-life career change, the British painter Donald McIntyre followed his roots back to his love of painting in Scotland.
As the artist Henri Matisse once said, “creativity takes courage”, something the British painter Donald McIntyre (1923–2009) must have heeded to when, at the age of 40, he left his well-established career as a dentist to pick up his brushes and paint for a living. His love of art, however, was engrained long before, when, as a child he learnt to paint.

Despite being born in Yorkshire, he spent his most memorable childhood years on the dramatic coast of west Scotland. During this time, McIntyre would explore the rugged coastline looking for different vistas to paint. Once he finished school he followed his head rather than his heart and headed to Glasgow to train as a dentist. His love of art, however, was never far from his mind, and it was during this period he also found himself attending evening art classes at The Glasgow School of Art.

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