Watercolour & Gouache on Paper

Size (inches) : 19 (h) x 25 (w)
Size (cm) : 48.26 (h) x 63.5 (w)
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As a Montmartre native, Eugene "Gen" Paul was born in Paris in 1985 and began drawing and painting as a child. His father died at age 10 and Paul was then trained to work in decorative furnishings to help support his family. He served in the French army during WWI and was wounded twice, resulting in him losing a leg. This inspired his return to painting.

Although Paul never recieved any formal training he became fast friends with Juan Gris, who helped him a great deal. He went on to make a living from his art for almost sixty years. Gen Paul's paintings were first exhibited at the Salon d'Automne and the Salon des Indépendants in Paris in 1920, and went on to be exhibited alongside Pablo Picasso and Chaïm Soutin.

Paul began the 1930s battling an addition to alcohol, further complicating his chronic health problems. The paintings of 1930s reflect a more somber mood with precise lines and carefully chosen colors and an emphasis of rhythm over motion. From the 1940s through his death, Paul reverted to a style of action painting characterized by many of the elements of his work in the 1920s. Paul died in Paris on 30 April 1975. A great many of his works remain in private hands but a number of his important pieces can be found at museums in France and in other parts of Europe.

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