Still Life of Pink Dahlias

Oil on Board
Size (inches) : 18 (h) x 14 (w)
Size (cm) : 45.7 (h) x 35.6 (w)
Still Life of Pink Dahlias
Still Life of Pink Dahlias
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Born in Paris in 1928, Bernard Buffet spent most of his life working in France. He produced over 8,000 paintings and prints, numerous of which are featured in esteemed collections around the globe, ranging from the Vatican to Paris' Museum of Modern Art and Pompidou, New York's Museum of Modern Art, and the Tate London. 

While he is primarily recognized for his expressionist paintings, he was also skiled in in lithography, engraving, sculpture, book illustration, and set design. Buffet's art captures the stark brutality and existentialist mindset prevalent in post-war Europe. Buffet himself spent his childhood in Nazi-occupied France, and lost his mother to breast cancer at seventeen. These remained sources of melancholy throughout his life. His figures, often elongated and emaciated, are characterized by angluar lines, with no depth of field. His work conveys a melancholic tone frequently compared to the styles of painters Francis Gruber and Georges Rouault. Buffet's use of colour was also muted, with few colours used aside from grey, brown, and green. 

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