Sunset Reflections

Oil on Cavas
Size (inches) : 43.3 (h) x 27.5 (w)
Size (cm) : 109.9 (h) x 69.9 (w)
Sunset Reflections
Sunset Reflections
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Pardo was born in Matias in 1953 within 4 years he moved to Contador, a small village in the Almeria province. At the age of 9 he moved again and finally settled in Alcoy (Alicante province) with his family. Here he attended the School of Fine Arts. When he was an adult he travelled to France, specifically to the city of Valence where he delved into the world of impressionism. His first exhibitions where in Cultural centres, banks and official institutions, his first solo exhibition was in 1981.

Luis Pardo has exhibited all over the world including Europe, America and Southern America. His work consists of more than 500 seascapes particularly of the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas.

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