Trio of Apples

Oil on Panel
Size (inches) : 5 (h) x 12 (w)
Size (cm) : 12.7 (h) x 30.5 (w)
Trio of Apples
Trio of Apples
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Barbara was born in Watermael-Boisfort in Belgium in 1974. She showed an incredible natural talent early on in her life and after school she studied art at the Institute Bishoffsheim in Brussels. Here she concentrated on perfecting her drawing skills and also developed great talents for textiles and stage design. She worked as a professional artists for 6 years between 1989 and 1995. Barbara went on to find great passion in painting stage sets and working on large murals for the Theatre de La Monnaie in Brussels. In the Summer of 2001, Barbara was overjoyed to find an apprenticeship in the studio of the enigmatic Willem Dolphyn, a Flemish artist of some note. He has overseen her professional development over the last 4 years. Barbara has improved significantly during this time and many of the techniques of the old masters have been acquired. She is very at home in Willems studio and has found a place where her mind is able to find stimulation and advancement from Willem’s superb teaching.

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