Oil on Panel
Size (inches) : 8 (h) x 8 (w)
Size (cm) : 20.3 (h) x 20.3 (w)
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Ben Waddams is a British wildlife artist. Originally from Buckinghamshire, South East England, Waddams currently lives in Shropshire. During several parts of his life, Waddams lived in the United States, and traveled in search of exotic wildlife across Central America and Africa.

"I have been lucky enough to have lived and traveled through some truly mesmerising areas of the world and this is where i take my inspiration from". 

The detail in Ben Waddams' paintings is extroadinary, capturing each feather, whisker and water droplet with perfect precision. As a viewer you are mesmerised by each tiny detail in the creature's fur or feathers and the surrounding that so perfectly compliments the focal point of the piece. 

Waddams' passion for wildlife shines through in every piece, showing the dedication behind the art. He often studies species in the wild before painting, to better understand the animal in its natural environment. In a way Waddams' paintings form a window into the world of the animal, with no human action present. 

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